Phone hotline : +36 70 6048814

The essence of this unique, high end service is, that it takes although longer than a direct flight, but early airport check in, check out, waiting time, connecting flights, transit and time for airport transfers take all together much longer. With the convenient direct bus route, the traveling time can be turned into relaxation, or work, by driving from downtown to downtown. Thanks to the business class environment on the buses, this new kind of service is the most comfortable solution for a fast, direct connection between Budapest-Berlin, especially for those, who for some reason, cannot or do not want to board an airplane or sit on a train. For the entire length of travel, unlimited WiFi access is secured, with onboard catering thru friendly hostesses. All of this provides maximum comfort for the passengers, with a wide range of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks served, together with a variety of hot meals from the daily menu. 

 Onboard 220V and USB outlets allow charging of laptops and smartphones. The always current COVID-19 travel rules and regulations do apply at all times.